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Who We Are

Green Up 2 Clean Up uses state-of-the-art cleaning products and cleaning methods to provide non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning services. 

The Origin Story

"When I had my youngest child in 2005 I started to look for ways to clean my house without harsh chemicals. I worried the most about my small children and animals due to their developing respiratory system because they breathe twice as fast as adults, which means when the air is contaminated with cleaning chemicals they are breathing in twice as much, which is twice as dangerous. This can lead to illness and cause irreparable damage.

Unfortunately, the green movement was not in full force like it is today. I could not find any “Green” products to buy for my home other than costly commercial products in bulk. As I continued to research products to purchase, I realized there were no companies that offered “Green Cleaning Services” for residential and commercial customers. That is where our journey began. I was ready to go back to work, so I decided to start my own “Green Cleaning” company. I have always enjoyed cleaning and have many years of residential and commercial cleaning experience. I wanted to put my educational background in business management, along with my experience to good use. In August of 2007 Green Up 2 Clean Up began and continues today with the mission of "Keeping the Earth Green by the way we Clean".


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