DIY vs. Professional Cleaning: What is Better for Office Bathrooms

Let’s face it…no one is volunteering with fervor to clean the office bathroom. There are plenty of things to clean in your office building, but one of the most important rooms to disinfect is also the least pleasant. Bathrooms are hot-spots or germs. The toilet, sink, floors, and even the light switch could be covered with invisible enemies at any given time. Now more than ever, bathrooms should be cleaned often, in a thorough, germ-blasting manner. It is best to forgo assigning this task to your staff or yourself and hire professionals, like the locally owned and operated, earth-friendly company, Green Up to Clean Up — here’s why:

  • Promote Health. You care about your staff, clients, and their families. What message do you send with an unsanitary bathroom? You can show everyone that visits your office building that you are serious about their health and well-being by providing a cleanly bathroom. Having the bathroom professionally cleaned makes all the difference. It shows your employees that you don’t want to put them in harm’s way by asking them to clean a bathroom, when they aren’t trained on how to use chemicals and the best procedures. Allow your employees to focus on their own job, and leave the cleaning to those who have the proper equipment and training to clean the bathroom the right way.
  • Fight Sickness. No one likes to call off work because it sets everything behind. Plus, when one person gets sick, it can spread like wildfire to others in the office. You don’t want your employees sharing harmful germs through an unsanitary bathroom and infecting their family and friends at home. You also don’t want to set your business behind, potentially disrupting profits!
  • Send a message to your clients. A clean office bathroom sends a message to visiting clients. You communicate your values when you keep your office healthy and safe. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you want to work with someone who has a gross bathroom? That is why it is much better to hire out the job. When a bathroom is properly cleaned, it lasts much longer and needs less tidying up.

There are so many things that go into being responsible for an office building. You might have so much on your plate that office bathrooms are very low on your lists of concerns. However, the health and safety of the office is in your hands. This is an important responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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