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Introducing Green Up 2 Clean Up’s Covid 19 Cleaning Services

With the threat of Covid 19, we want our clients to know that Green Up 2 Clean Up is equipped to clean and protect your business.

Hygiene and Safety Products:
While prevention is key to the spread of any virus, there are products we can provide beyond general cleaners as part of your regular cleaning service for building entrances, commonly used areas, and high-touch surfaces.

Using Enhanced Methods and Disinfectants:
We work with EPA-registered disinfectants designed to help prevent the spread of pathogens while following strict disinfection procedures. GU2CU uses disinfecting procedures for high touch surfaces.

Increased Frequency Cleaning:
We have increased the frequency of cleaning with disinfectants in high traffic areas as an additional measure you can take to help protect your facility and occupants. We will work with you to determine your specific needs and to make sure we eliminate every last trace of harmful residue and dirty areas.

For more information or to make sure your business is safe TODAY, please call us at 219-728-1256 or visit our website at