Why a Clean is Safe in the Work Place

Bad housekeeping practices at work? It’s time for a change. A clean work place is a safe work place and reduces the chance of injuries and illnesses. What are some hazards and how can they be avoided?


Clutter, like paper and other materials, piled up on desks or the floor may seem harmless. In fact, most offices have a lot of paper laying around. However, having flammable material like paper and cardboard boxes is a safety hazard. Having loose papers can cause employees to slip and is also a fire hazard. Additionally, having clutter on the floor, such as staplers, pens, or other office supplies, can cause other kinds of injuries. Not to mention the stress of not being organized! Everything should have a place and things that aren’t needed should be discarded or donated.

Food and Drinks

You are busy and sometimes work through lunch. Sound familiar? While it is admirable to take lunch at your desk, food and drink in work areas are safety risks. For example, crumbs can attract disease-carrying rodents and insects to your work space. In addition, spilled liquid can ruin your equipment, cause slips, or even electrical shock. It’s best to have drinks that have lids to prevent spills and not keep food around the work area. Food should only be consumed in a designated area and that space should be cleaned daily.


Dust is a common work place enemy. Did you know that electrical components are dust magnets? It’s important to keep work place dust under control for safety reasons. Dust can shorten your equipment’s life and is a fire hazard. In addition, plenty of people are allergic to dust and it can also trigger asthma. Employees deserve a clean work place with great air quality so they can do their best!

Toxic Cleaning Supplies

Using toxic cleaning supplies can be hazardous to workers and the environment. They are especially harmful when they are combined. Consider using less harsh, environment-friendly option. If not, cleaning supplies should be kept in separate cabinets and handled with care.

Clean=Safe when it comes to the work place. A clean work place prevents illnesses and injuries. This is why it is important to clean often and the right way. Why not leave it to the professionals to clean your office? You can prevent germs, reduce stress, and lessen the chance of accidents just by calling us at Green Up to Clean Up today. 219-728-1256. We look forward to helping your business by creating a safer work environment!