Why Clean? Work Place Hazards

Do you work at an office building, daycare facility, medical office, educational facility, or large residential building? Let us help you discover the benefits of a clean, safe workplace! A safe work environment must be clean. If it is our pleasure to help Northwest Indiana stay safe with a clean environment. 

OSHA defines a “workplace hazard” as anything that could potentially cause harm ( Having an unclean workspace can be classified as a “workplace hazard”. Owners and employees sometimes underestimate the potential harm in a messy space. For example, if papers and boxes are laying on the ground and someone slips, they could be injured. A clean work environment is much safer. 

Clutter is not the only hazard at work. Diseases are often contracted at work and these are considered “biological hazards”. Especially during the winter months, it is vital to have workplaces sanitized frequently. Having your workplace cleaned can significantly reduce the number of bacteria and viruses. It can also reduce fungi and mold growth. When your workplace is clean, it is much less likely you will contract an illness. 

A filthy, cluttered, unsanitary workplace is not only a health hazard, but it can also negatively impact worker morale and productivity. When workers contract a cold or the flu, they might stay home or become less efficient. Also, just by having a clean, healthy, safe environment, workers might feel happier. This can cause a ripple effect of positive energy and productivity. 

​It isn’t practical to self-clean. At work, you have enough to worry about! You would need to set a cleaning schedule and have someone check that it’s being accomplished. Things can go undone when employees are over-burdened. Either it is their work or cleaning! When you hire cleaning experts, they have the required equipment and expertise to do the job the right way. 

​Here at Green Up to Clean Up, we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations of a clean workplace. We take an extra step to keep your place of work hazard-free by using Green Sealed cleaning solutions. Not all green products are equal, and this is why we only use Green Sealed, which ensures that the products are safer for people and the planet.

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