Why Office Cleaning Plans Don’t Work

Coffee cup rings. Used tissues. Empty water bottles. It is astonishing how much mess hardworking employees produce. Every single day, the office needs to be cleaned…even if it’s just a quick spruce. However, most offices don’t get it properly cleaned often. When deep cleaning is not done, things like dust bunnies, garbage, and germs accumulate. This leads to an unsafe, unhealthy, unproductive place of work.

What can be done? Some managers assign cleaning tasks to their employees. Many office cleaning plans look like an (ignored) piece of paper on the bulletin board or an (unopened) email. Managers have the right idea: clean offices are important. A clean office can result in healthier employees that call off less. Also, a clean environment encourages better moods, which can lead to higher productivity. Even though a cleaning plan is a good idea, they generally don’t work out.

Cleaning plans fail because employees:

  • Run out of time
  • Forget
  • Place it on low priority
  • Have low cleaning skills
  • Don’t have anyone to check their work
  • Aren’t motivated

Yes, it is reasonable to ask employees to help keep the office clean with light cleaning duties. An employee typically takes care of their personal messes and work stations. Although, workers are busy with the jobs. Dedicated employees work hard from clock-in to clock-out and when there are a lot of cleaning tasks added to their workload, the time must be cut from somewhere. An employee shouldn’t have to dust the ceiling fans and wash the windows. Those tasks are best left to professionals.

Ditch the chore chart! You can have a beautifully clean office without overburdening your employees with chore tasks. The team at Green Up to Clean Up are Northwest Indiana’s green, environmentally friendly, cleaning experts. Give us a call today at 219-728-1256.